- How Important are ‘Play Money’ Games to Learning Poker:

Posted by admin @ 12:00 AM, Monday Sep 15th, 2008

Basically, I feel that play money games have a limited amount of experience to give to a player wishing to learn the game. I can definately agree that if you are very unsure of starting hands and how the blinds are placed, then ‘Play Money’ tournaments will teach you the basic things you need to know.

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There comes a point in every players learning curve though, when playing only play money tournaments will be harmful to your play. this is because ‘Play Money’ games generally, do not play out in the same way as real games do. When players are risking monopoly money which is worthless, they will be loose and reckless in their play and will not be able to be bluffed, for the most part. If you get used to playing in this sort of game then you will lose sight of the true nature of the game, and also how it is played when people have real money on the line. The importance players attach to the game comes mostly from what is at stake, and this is why you will learn far more by playing real money games.

This does not mean that nothing can be learnt at ‘Play Money’ games, but be aware that what you learn will be limited.

You should not be afraid to step up to real money games once you have mastered the basics of the game, as there will not be large amounts of money involved unless you want there to be. Almost every site offers games with blinds as small as two and four cents, so you needn’t be worried about losing lots of money.


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The first point to make about Bodog is that their first time deposit bonus is a good offer at 110%. Also they are commited to holding large amounts of good value tournaments each month. These tournaments are as follows: Every Sunday Bodog hold a 100k gauranteed tournament, and entry for this tournament can be won through satellites to set up a great win if your luck holds out in the main tournament.

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Also running are ‘players choice’ tournaments. These are run as satellites towards a greater prize of a seat at a major live tournament of your choice. This is good because different players can go with whichever tournament means most to them.

Bodog is also running qualifiers to it’s own open tournament at the moment with seats available to a tournament with an excellent prize pool. Any player who has the talent to reach this open through qualifiers should surely fancy their chances of cashing in the event too.

On top of these offers, Bodog also allows it’s players to turn their player points into cash which gives players who accumulate numerous points the chance to boost their bankroll if their funds get low.

the many gauranteed tournaments on offer at Bodog are certainly a positive thing, and with reload bonuses, a good first time deposit bonus, and many other offers each month, Bodog is really staking a claim to be amongst the biggest online operators in the business. Although not amongst my personal favourites, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from checking out Bodog Poker as they have much to offer.


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Recent new promotions at Full Tilt for this month include a ‘hunt for happy hour’ promotion, giving players the chance to pick up points at three times their regular rate.

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For all players saving up for that piece of merchandise or trying to hit a points target, this is an excellent opportunity and should get players sat at tables and getting down to some serious poker. Also at Full Tilt currently, are the much loved large scale guaranteed tournaments, giving the chance of a dream windfall win for those players who attain a seat.

One of the biggest of this type of tournament is a monthly $1,000,000 tournament. This prize pool is outrageously large and should capture the imagination of any player wishing to win big at a poker table.
If you are a player at Full Tilt, you will also know of the bounties offered for knocking one of their professional team out of tournaments. Not only is this the chance to tick a ‘lifes ambitions’ box, but you even get paid for it.

For all those players out there who enjoy watching the best pros at work, there has been a huge online PLO tournament held at Full Tilt during the early part of September with a 25K buy in. This event is not a one off however, so if you miss this chance to see the pros doing battle, there will always be another. I personally like this type of event, because it is a great experience for aspiring players to watch the worlds best at work, and an inspiration to those who love the game.

Overall, Full Tilt remains one of the best online sites around and as ever, continues to offer new promotions and comes up with great ideas each month. So if you haven’t had the privilege of playing at Full Tilt yet, feel free to take a look. - Poker Beginnings:

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As players, we must all start somewhere. Some go straight in at the deep end with money to burn and decide to learn as they go, but most I feel, start off in small stakes cash games with their friends. I know I certainly did, and I believe it has shaped me as a player immeasureably. What began as Five Card Draw for silver coins, progressed to Holdem for gold ones and so on. These two games remain my favourite to this day. Whichever direction our poker learning takes, I think it invariable that our strengths will lie in the roots of our learning and the games we love most.

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This is the main reason that I hold such admiration for winners of HORSE events, because to master four different poker variants takes a huge amount of dedication and skill.

The same can be perhaps be said of live players and online players. there is no doubt an increasing amount of players who almost always play online and started out in this type of game will be less comfortable with live play. Although this does not mean they cannot become adept at live play, they are certainly likely to be weaker at it.

As a player I would always advocate learning new types of poker games, as it helps to expand your knowledge of the game as well as helping to ensure you do not lose interest. Also, you never know when you might discover a new type of game which appeals to your type of play and which you can learn to make money at. The important thing for me will always be both to experiment with new types of games, and to remember the very games that first got you started playing poker. If you revisit these games you can often find yourself surprisingly skilled at them with some play to refresh your memory.

Poker Star Review and Winners

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One of the key points in Poker Stars having such a good following is the fact that they still offer online play to U.S players, although there are many other good points which make them popular too.

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Personally I have always liked the fact that Poker Stars offers the largest variety of games around. Most players these days enjoy playing Holdem above any other game, but there will always be those who prefer something a little different. With Five and Seven card Stud available, as well as Omaha, Holdem, Five card draw, and Triple Draw, Pokerstars caters for the needs of every player with the variety they have on offer. I also like the bonuses and promotions they offer which are extremely competitive.

Winners of special events at Pokerstars also have the opportunity to play a one off match up against one of their team of professionals for a large prize pool. These are not just great for the player who is matched against them, but also any players who choose to spectate on such games. The joy of watching a professional at work is something which can be enjoyed by anyone onsite.

Although I can’t say that Pokerstars has quite the same to offer in terms of visuals as a site like PKR, what they do have is an all round great site to play on, they ensure each part of the package is of a very high standard, and the site has the endorsement of some of the best professionals around. So if you want the chance to play against one of these pros, or are an American player who has been frustrated by recent changes in legislation, you will find Pokerstars a real safe haven to enjoy your online poker. - Lucky Objects and Rituals

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It is amazing I feel to see rooms full of thousands of people playing in a major event, and to discover that a large proportion of them have some sort of lucky shirt, charm, card weight, or other trinket, in the hope it will help them succeed. Considering many of these players are fully aware that what they are playing is largely mathematical in terms of which cards come out, it seems strange that they might think a lucky charm would help them.

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Strangely enough I must admit I have had similar urges to take somthing along to a game which I consider to have brought me luck in the past. The reason for this isn’t because I have a clear opinion that this object will help me, I think it is more a psychological aid. If you have somthing with you that makes you feel luckier, you tend to play with more confidence, and although that seems silly, psychology is important in poker. Your own, as much as anyone elses around the table.

How many people would agree that when they are getting a good run of cards they begin to play better, and with more confidence? Many, I would say (myself included).

So anything which helps you begin a tournament with a little extra confidence is worth having with you in my opinion. besides which, we do not know what causes luck to ebb and flow and why it’s tides turn when they do, so if there is even a remote chance of a lucky charm having some effect, what have you got to lose by taking it along with you?

Bodog Poker Reviewed

Posted by admin @ 12:00 AM, Friday Aug 15th, 2008

Firstly I feel that Bodog has looked to incorporate all the extra features needed during play on it’s tables. Player notes and hand history are easy to access and use, and the lobby itself follows suit.

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I have to say though that I find the table layout and background not really to my tastes, I prefer to see the background of the table and seats which surround it, but perhaps this is mostly because I am used to that.
The games on offer are the basic big three in Omaha, Stud and Holdem, with Five Card stud available too, although non Holdem tables can tend to be a little under populated. Also options for multiple tables being open at once are limited, but Bodog certainly has it’s good points too.

The first time bonus offer is a very reasonable 100% and you do not have to accumulate points in order for it to be released either. There are also numerous high value gauranteed tournaments and satellites for major land based events.

As another plus point, Bodog are one of the few companies which still accept U.S players, this should keep their player base expanding too.

I also think it is good to see that Bodog offer tips of the day and poker guides for new players, to ensure these new players to the game can find the table they want and not feel confused by the way games are played.

Bodog Poker has many promotions too which are always interesting and alluring to both higher stakes players and those at smaller limits.

Overall I think Bodog will only get better with time as their number of players increases, but all in all, is still a good enough site in the meantime.

Fulltilt Poker Best Options for Beginners

Posted by admin @ 12:00 AM, Friday Aug 15th, 2008

As with beginners on any site, the first piece of advice I have when joining a site is, start small. Although all poker sites encompass the same general format and rules, they might have slightly different buttons and options for betting, hand histories, or updates of information whilst you are involved in an MTT.

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For this reason I think that you should start playing small limits to get a feel for the site. If you are a beginner to the game entirely or you do not know your way around computers too well, then always look up the help sections onsite. These include a helpful facts and questions section to solve the most common problems, as well as guides to setting up an account too with detailed diagrams and instructions for finding your way around the site. Full Tilt has all these options available to beginners to aid them in getting started, and of course they are well known for having good help and support sections, if you are still struggling after reading through the guide to getting started. Support can be reached twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at Full Tilt, but as a beginner you should find the ‘getting started’ section enough help to start you off.

When it comes to the type of game you play as a beginner on Full Tilt, I would suggest a small stakes ring game or STT, although it depends on your favoured game as a player, and your financial means.

Also I would suggest not having multiple tables open at once, as this could be confusing for a beginner, so choose the simpler option to get started I would say, then look at moving on to something a little bigger once you know your way around. Always remember of course, that there will always be people at Full Tilt available, if you have any problems.

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The general gameplay at PokerRoom is of a good standard comparitively. There is a friendly atmosphere onsite and there are plenty of looser players for the more experienced to sit down with. In terms of graphics at the tables, there are avatars to choose from which are fairly standard.

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The card design looks a little basic for my tastes but as always these type of things do not really affect the enjoyment of the poker itself. The graphics overall are smooth, tables and backgrounds look reasonably good too, although perhaps these could be upgraded to something a little more modern. This is something I would like to see on an industry wide basis though, as opposed to solely on PokerRoom, given the developments in 3D graphics by sites such as PKR in recent years.

The site itself makes playing poker easy enough, with statistical and hand history tools to keep the player up to date with how their developments in play are helping or hindering their progress. It is easy to navigate too, which matches the tournament and cash game schedules for a user friendly feel to the site.

The help and support onsite is reputedly of a high standard and adds to an all round good playing experience at PokerRoom. I do not see any reason why PokerRoom should not continue to gain customers and popularity as time goes on. Hopefully a few small improvements should give the site a chance to really stand out from the crowd and move forward in the right direction.


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As a starting point for looking at FullTiltPoker array of promotions some of the following tournaments seem really good value.

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Firstly the $750,000 guaranteed tournament which has satellite events starting at just 300 Full Tilt Poker points, although as anyone who plays online poker can tell you it?s certainly a long road from such satellites to winning the main tournament, but the sheer value involved makes this an offer that?s certainly worth your time. Alongside this is a 1 poker point earned per day requirement gaining entry to a $2,000 dollar freeroll after a month.

I like this one because for those who aren’t exactly big money poker players but still stoically play their poker session each evening, it’s the players dedication that is being rewarded instead of just how much money crosses the felt. Another tournament worth mentioning is the winners choice promotional tournament, the triumphant player of which being given the choice of a seat at any European or World Poker Tour event of their choosing. As well as the aforementioned 750k tournament, satellites for a tournament that can get you a seat in irish open, start at an excellent 50 Full Tilt Poker points.

As far as promotions go the daily double is certainly a mouth watering one, players participating in scheduled double tournaments simultaneously, have the chance of some fantastic progressive jackpots the highest of which stands at an amazing 1 million dollars. Playing on a person could encounter several familiar faces on the poker circuit such as Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Howard Lederer, a currently running multi table tournament gives the player who takes a professional out of the tournament, their entry fee (up to $200) back.

On top of that a free T-shirt for each pro eliminated, prizes which almost match the glory and pride as player of achieving such things. All in all a good looking set of promotions on offer at Full Tilt Poker.