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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Thursday Nov 20th, 2008

In terms of first time deposit bonuses on offer, offer a very competitive 110% on top of the initial depsoit made. Many sites offer 100%, so 110% is above the industry average. Reload bonuses are also available at Bodog at 100% which is another very generous potential bonus to be had. On top of these offers, are royal flush bonuses and bad beat bonus payments, which adds up to a very good set of prospects indeed for customers onsite.


Poker tips can be found at bodog also, helping newer poker players or those hoping to hone their skills, and giving students of the game a chance to take some expert advice on board.
The graphics at Bodog are quite crisp and function well, with the software seeming good enough, but on personal preference, I prefer to have tables with a visual background, and seats with players sat at them. But this takes nothing away from the fact that is a very enjoyable site to play on.

Their help and support options are good too, with help given through phone and email. I like to see live chat options available myself, but if the staff responding to your queries are knowledgable and quick to help as they seem to be at bodogpokercom, than that is more than sufficient for most players.

The game variety here is good too, with the usual three games of Holdem, Omaha, and Stud, supplemented by Five Card Draw also. Player traffic is very good here too with U.S players being accepted, and overall the site looks of a very high quality indeed.

Fulltiltpoker Pledge

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Thursday Nov 13th, 2008

The pledge of Full tilt Poker to it’s players is that it will always strive to improve as a site, creating more opportunities for players to better their game. Also, they pledge to ensure at all times and at all levels, to create a secure place to play poker for their customers.


There are several ways that Full Tilt poker go about fulfilling this pledge. First of all, they have a team of professionals on board that include some of the best players in the game. These players can help Full Tilt to understand exactly what it is that makes the serious poker players keep playing and continually improving their game. Also they know what would make them feel comfortable in terms of financial security and safety onsite too.

Full Tilt also has a poker forum online which is a great way of obtaining feedback from customers. With this type of communication between players and the site being available, Full Tilt can get a clear idea of what the majority of customers are pleased with, and what they would like to see in terms of changes. I would also imagine that the site listens closely to it’s help and support personel to establish where there might be any problems related to security or anything else, and look to solve any recurring problems immediately. That said, my understanding is that Full Tilt experience little or no recurring problems in this regard and continue to excel in every area. This should ensure that they retain their status as one of the finest online poker rooms around. – Best hand youve had in poker

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Thursday Nov 6th, 2008 – If you play poker for long enough, you are bound to eventually find yourself with the most powerful hand in the game. The Royal Flush is a very rare thing in poker, and I can only recall having this hand perhaps four times in seven years of playing the game. On two of those occasions I made virtually nothing in terms of money or chips from the hand, the problem being that in Holdem, if you have a royal flush, you always have board cards which look extremely dangerous.



Aside from Royal Flushes, I have made several straight flushes over the years, and although they also involve some dangerous board cards being on the table, your opponent can still make a nut flush, top two pair, or top set, and pay you off well.

When we talk about the ‘best’ hand we have had in poker though, it is not always the highest possible hand. Hands can stand out for different reasons, such as making great folds, or eliminating players. There was one hand a few months ago online, where after moving all in I was called by four other players. I had (A,K) suited and my opponents had (A,Q) (7,7) (K,K) and (J,J). I made a flush on the river and eliminated all of them, which was memorable in it’s own way. The final hand of my first ever live tournament win was with (A,5) of hearts, and that particular hand will always be a special one for that reason.

The more we play poker of course, the more we will find ourselves in situations and hands that will stick with us for a long time. That is part of the reason myself and many others play the game, because you simply never know when the next memorable hand will be, whether it is memorable for the right reasons, or the wrong ones.

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