Posted by admin @ 12:00 AM, Wednesday Jul 16th, 2008

The general gameplay at PokerRoom is of a good standard comparitively. There is a friendly atmosphere onsite and there are plenty of looser players for the more experienced to sit down with. In terms of graphics at the tables, there are avatars to choose from which are fairly standard.

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The card design looks a little basic for my tastes but as always these type of things do not really affect the enjoyment of the poker itself. The graphics overall are smooth, tables and backgrounds look reasonably good too, although perhaps these could be upgraded to something a little more modern. This is something I would like to see on an industry wide basis though, as opposed to solely on PokerRoom, given the developments in 3D graphics by sites such as PKR in recent years.

The site itself makes playing poker easy enough, with statistical and hand history tools to keep the player up to date with how their developments in play are helping or hindering their progress. It is easy to navigate too, which matches the tournament and cash game schedules for a user friendly feel to the site.

The help and support onsite is reputedly of a high standard and adds to an all round good playing experience at PokerRoom. I do not see any reason why PokerRoom should not continue to gain customers and popularity as time goes on. Hopefully a few small improvements should give the site a chance to really stand out from the crowd and move forward in the right direction.

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